Vulnerability & Risk Monitoring


Your Critical IT Assets May Be Vulnerable. We Can Help.

Manage risk confidently with continual vulnerability monitoring from CenturyLink.

Your corporate IT environment has a lot of potential entry points for cyber attackers. That's why it's vital to frequently audit your business-critical IT assets and identify digital openings. With Vulnerability & Risk Monitoring services from CenturyLink, you get the power of advanced analytics combined with our expertise, so you know when vulnerabilities exist and can take immediate action.

Handle vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
We monitor your networks, Web applications, servers and databases on your preferred schedule. Vulnerabilities are flagged as soon as they're spotted, so you can manage the issues before unauthorised malicious actors find a way in.

Reduce the risk of security breaches.
Software issues and vulnerabilities are responsible for 90% of IT failure and breaches. Quick identification and prioritization tools help you decrease those chances. Vulnerabilities can emerge seemingly out of nowhere, but continual monitoring can give you peace of mind that you'll be able to handle any potential weaknesses that arise.

Prioritise mitigation based on threat levels.
Not all vulnerabilities are created equal, so prioritization of risk is a critical element of successful management. Using contextual awareness, we synthesize the gathered information to show you which vulnerabilities need immediate attention and what applications and processes could be affected.

Simplify risk management.
By partnering with CenturyLink for Vulnerability & Risk Monitoring, you free up your IT team to handle more business-critical tasks. The online dashboard makes setup and configuration easy, and the solution supports assets hosted at any location.

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Schedule a consultation to learn the best and most cost effective ways to keep your mission-critical data secure and available. 


Vulnerability & Risk Monitoring

Discover, prioritise and eradicate threats before they affect your business or reputation.

Replace the traditional siloed approach to vulnerability monitoring.
We combine advanced machine learning with visual analytics to create rich, contextual awareness. 

Simplify regulatory compliance.
Automated compliance features cover more than 400 authority documents-from organisations such as NIST, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS-and leverage even more authority documents from the Unified Compliance Framework database.

Monitor on your schedule.
Our services are available on demand or through a scheduled scan model.

Get the scalability to expand services as you grow.
Add more capabilities as you need them, not before.

Make management easy.
The online dashboard gives you all the information you need in one place—and makes setup and configuration simple.  

Improve Security Without Adding More Resources

CenturyLink security solutions are easy to customise to your business. Find out how we can help you plan your defenses-talk with one of our security experts today.


All The Tools You Need to Manage Risk

CenturyLink Vulnerability & Risk Monitoring includes comprehensive discovery and evaluation services. 


  • Scans network devices, servers, web applications, servers, databases and more
  • Supports assets hosted at any location


  • Uses advanced machine learning
  • Delivers results visually
  • Prioritises to identify the most severe threats

Combined with our Incident Management & Response services, we can also fix the vulnerabilities we find. That means less mitigation and remediation work for your IT team, and more time to focus on ways to help build your business.

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