Secure Your Network and Infrastructure

Defend your infrastructure by sealing off the network perimeter to external threats.

Want to strengthen your network and infrastructure?

Network and Infrastructure Security

Protecting your network perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, as intruders find new ways to get around your defenses. CenturyLink can help you stay ahead of evolving threats to your infrastructure while also helping to maximise budget, fulfill support needs and scale based on your network and infrastructure growth and business needs. It also lowers the TCO of defending your infrastructure assets and websites with efficient opex-based pricing models and helps you ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations.

Managed Firewall, IPS and VPN
Dedicated and virtual managed and co-managed firewall solutions.
DDoS Mitigation
Multi-layered global defense and mitigation strategy against a variety of malicious denial of service attack types.
Network-Based Security
Network-based security service delivered via the cloud.
Get the CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report
Botnets are driving substantial changes to the evolving threat landscape. In this report we take a deep dive into mass malware based on research from Black Lotus Labs and provide actionable advice for how to protect your network against leading cyberthreats.


  • A deep dive into #MassMalware research from Black Lotus Labs
  • Network-based behaviour and comparison of select botnets: Mylobot, TheMoon, Necurs, Mirai/Satori and Emotet
  • How threat actors operate a variety of DNS-based attacks
  • Why DNS monitoring is an important security control
  • Actionable advice for network defenders
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Where digital business goes to network