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In a world of ever-increasing threats and bad actors, securing your network begins with awareness. The CenturyLink Adaptive Threat Intelligence service lifts the burden of appliance maintenance and risk analysis from your shoulders, allowing you to act on threats rather than digging for them. We leverage our extensive global network visibility and to provide prioritised threat data correlated to your IP addresses. And we can deliver all this through an easy-to-use portal, or directly to your SIEM, without requiring the management of on-site equipment. More than just a "threat list," CenturyLink provides intelligence you can act on.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence leverages our threat research and operations team, Black Lotus Labs, which provides sophisticated, global threat analytics and tracks two-way communications to identify attack patterns. It then automatically correlates and analyses the threat data and prioritises it for you. This allows you to act on a data-driven, cyber-threat plan in near real-time.

  • Our Adaptive Threat Intelligence service leverages CenturyLink's team of experts, Black Lotus Labs, and global network reach to monitor and analyse traffic to provide interactive and actionable threat data.
  • We monitor your traffic as it passes through CenturyLink infrastructure based on sampled network analysis
  • Correlation of traffic against known malicious communication utilising CenturyLink proprietary analysis and threat data
  • Near real-time, customisable alerting for high-risk events
  • Access to near real-time portal-based or SIEM reporting and analytics capabilities utilising event data
  • Portal provides actionable, automated, and context-rich reports
  • 24/7 global Security Operations Centre expert support
  • Feeds to your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Historical views
  • Flexible Feature Options. Available in enhanced and premium feature packages. We offer CenturyLink Professional Services engagements as an optional add-on.
  • Flexible Pricing Model. Pricing is based on three tiers for the amount of IP address space monitored and the service option purchased (Enhanced/Premium).
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