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A reliable, proven, high-performance network you can leverage to deliver your video, applications, websites and more.

Why CenturyLink® Content Delivery Network

Trusted. Scalable. Fast.

Our content delivery platform empowers you to succeed by leveraging the CenturyLink network's scalability, global footprint and proven customer service. CenturyLink is trusted by many of the biggest names in media to deliver their content to global customers every day.

Content delivery from CenturyLink provides the performance you need, and that your customers demand. 

Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Solutions
From content acquisition, storage and encoding to multi-device delivery, we can be your trusted, single provider for simple, scalable OTT video solutions.
Discover the Benefits of CenturyLink Content Delivery Network
For businesses that demand seamless Internet video playback, high-performance websites or far-reaching digital file distribution, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the platform that delivers.
Over-the-Top Video Delivery
From content acquisition to storage, encoding and distribution, our end-to-end video delivery solutions address all the needs of you and your customers from a single provider.
Smart scalability.
Bandwidth demands change with each passing minute. Our global network is ready to scale with your content, worldwide.
Accelerate delivery and performance, while protecting your assets, your information and your customers.
Keep customers engaged.
Leverage our scalable, end-to-end enhanced support team to provide an exceptional customer experience.


Video Delivery
The performance and scale you need to provide the latest in audio and video streaming and download capabilities worldwide.
Digital Downloads
Accelerate delivery of digital files to your users by providing fast, uninterrupted downloads across the globe.
Website Optimization
Provide lightning speed website delivery anywhere in the world, and optimised performance across any device and browsing platform.
Origin Storage Platform
A massively scalable, reliable and affordable way to store your content library as it grows.
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