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Central Washington Data Centre

Great Disaster Recovery Location: Check Out Low Cost Hydropower in Central Washington

A Cyxtera data centre built to maximise security, resilience utility and spend, the Moses Lake data centre in Central Washington that provides co-location solutions and access to multiple network providers including diverse fibre access to the CenturyLink network. This remote data centre takes advantage of free air cooling and hydropower, in a low risk location that makes it an ideal spot for disaster recovery and non-latency sensitive workloads.

The Moses Lake facility taps the abundant hydroelectric power available in Central Washington to provide more than 85 percent of the utility power supplied to this facility-making it not only a low carbon footprint hosting solution, but also one of the most cost-effective co-location options in North America. The data centre will have an initial 5 megawatts but will ultimately support up to 80 MW of IT load.

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Moses Lake Data Centre Locations


CW1: Moses Lake, WA


Tech Specs

CW1: Moses Lake     Space: 136,000 sf      Power: 40 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Located in Moses Lake, central Washington
  • Former Command and Control Facility
  • (Built to Withstand a 10 Megaton Bomb at .25 Mile)
  • Geologically Stable – 2B Seismic Rating – Lowest in the Western U.S.

Electrical Summary

  • Building Served by New Utility Substation with Redundant Transformers and Feeds
  • Power density minimum (W/sf) = 175
  • Utility Power Mix to the Facility is 85% Renewable (Hydro)
  • Generator configuration = N + 1
  • Access to over 40 MW Power
  • Minimum two fuel replenishing companies

Fire Detection and Suppression Summary

  • VESDA provides early warning detection

Mechanical Summary

  • Cooling system configuration = N + 1
  • Temperature and humidity managed to strict ASHRAE standard
This is a Cyxtera Technologies data centre.


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