Win the Cyber Security Whack-A-Mole Game:

You will need a trusted managed cybersecurity services partner.

451 Research Black & White Paper: 
Managing risk through digital transformation

This global study of more than 1,400 enterprises uncovered better risk management as one of the four key objectives of why organisations transform themselves digitally. As such, cybersecurity programs and practises need to be built into an organisation's digital transformation from start to finish - up and down the technology stack - and from datacenter to the edge. To protect sensitive data, both security and compliance are critical, bearing in mind that security and compliance are not the same.

Download this paper to understand how you can incorporate risk management thinking into the digital transformation process from the start, and across all stages of planning and execution.

Stay ahead by building a cyber resilient organisation today.

The more we digitize, the more we connect to devices, the more we are vulnerable to both internal and external cyber threats. As threats constantly evolve, there is no beginning and end to securing your organisation. A deep understanding of risk in strategic planning, and making risk evaluation a normal part of your business strategy will enable resiliency.

How prepared are you in building a cyber resilient organisation?

Demystifying The Role of Managed Security Services Partner

Outsourcing cybersecurity management to a managed security services partner - what are the pros and cons? Will outsourcing throw away all the investment that an organisation has made? Find out why organisations need a hybrid model of of engagement - both on the resource and technology standpoint - and, how best to select a trusted managed security service provider.

CenturyLink Managed Security Services Capabilities

Security Strategy, Risk & Compliance Consulting
Establish an effective cybersecurity, risk and compliance strategy and program, and get custom implementation.

Network & Infrastructure Security Stay ahead of evolving threats to your infrastructure. Maximise your budget, fulfill support needs and scale based on your network and infrastructure growth and business need.

Identity & Access

Formulate and execute a plan for robust identity and access management policies, practises and controls. Allow the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times (and for the right reasons).


Analytics & Vulnerability Management Mitigate risks by uncovering threats before they can impact your business. Detect and respond to threats with advanced capabilities such as user behaviour and entity analytics (UEBA) and internal organizational transition.

Data, Application & Endpoint Security

Protect your applications and data through a holistic approach – email and web security, application code reviews and vulnerability testing, and data loss prevention programs.


Managed Security
Bridge your cybersecurity and expertise talent gaps today. Reduce CAPEX and staffing costs.
A Security Consulting Partner You Can Count On
Trust the company that governments and financial giants
depend on for comprehensive protection.
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