Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With SAP S/4HANA

Deploy SAP S/4HANA On-Premise, in Private or Public Cloud?

Choose wisely. This advice can't be more apt when deciding which deployment method your organisation should adopt. The decision you make has impact on how fast your organisation can transform its business.

Download this whitepaper to understand how the different models have an impact on your organisation's TCO, IT agility, security and compliance.

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Will Your Organisation Still Exist Without Being Agile?

As digital becomes more important, organisations need to be more agile to deliver on that. Achieving IT agility requires a mindset change.

Develop the Roadmap for Seamless SAP S/4HANA Migration

Migration to SAP S/4HANA is complex. Read this whitepaper that includes the migration roadmap and the resources needed to implement SAP S/4HANA.

Choosing the Right SAP S/4HANA Deployment Path for Your Business

Managed hosted private cloud, public cloud, on-premise - these are the various ways of deploying SAP S/4HANA. However, there is no perfect solution. Organizations need to carefully weigh both business and IT implications of various deployment pathways. What are the key considerations?

Finding the Right SAP S/4HANA Cloud Partner

Agility is key to successful business transformation outcomes. In this age of digital disruption, businesses are constantly adapting to external and internal changes. As challenging as it sounds, but the right cloud partner can help to reduce the complexities and deliver a seamless migration experience.

Why do it alone if you don’t have to?

Enabling Business Transformation Through IT Agility

CenturyLink Managed Hosting Solutions simplify the complexity of digital transformation, increase the agility and reliability of your IT infrastructure and transform it to a flexible asset.

With SAP's next generation business suite - SAP S/4HANA deployed in a fully managed, secured and hosted environment, we help our customers modernise and migrate their enterprise IT infrastructure to our multi-tier secured data centre with continuous optimisation of their infrastructure to achieve IT agility.

CenturyLink provides our customers with a reliable hosting environment and offer low TCO under one SLA. Our customers will also have access to our suite of hybrid IT solutions, co-location, cloud and global network to help them achieve the following:

Budget Prioritization

Reduce costs and simplify implementation complexities 

Digital Growth

Accelerate key business-making decisions through big data and analytics optimisation

Risk Mitigation

Improve governance, secure data and IT infrastructure

Discover how CenturyLink can be your SAP S/4HANA cloud partner of choice 

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