Know your exposure to cyber risk and how you can mitigate them

30 July 2020 | Wai Kit Cheah, Director, Product Management (Security), CenturyLink Asia Pacific

The rapid development of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the era of pervasive cloud computing has led to dramatic advancements in the process of data collection and transmission. Industrial applications that leverage these technologies generate huge amounts of data that require localized storage and processing. However, these enormous amounts of data need a lot of time before they can be processed at the centralized data center and then sent to the user.

For these reasons, data center providers are now charged with the impossible task of delivering faster response times of transmitting the data to a centralized data center to be processed before it can be returned to the user. As a possible recourse to the quandary, data center providers are moving workloads closer to the data sources, often called “the edge,” to drive down latencies and to extend its use to applications that need faster data gathering and processing times.

Referred to as edge computing, it, however, comes with the added risk of increased vulnerability to malicious activity resulting as a side-effect of distributing activity over a broader range of endpoints. While most data centers are usually subject to cybersecurity hardening, edge computing environments are often overlooked.

Given this, malicious actors like MoneyTaker hack edge computing environments to commit cybertheft. They have been known to pull off more than 20 successful attacks while taking away approximately US$500,000 per incident.

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