How edge computing is transforming data center strategies

22 July 2020 | Ignatius Wong, Director, Product Management (Hybrid Cloud & IT Solutions), CenturyLink Asia Pacific
It is no secret that centralized data centers and their roles are transforming rapidly across industries. With the increasing penetration of distributed cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G networks, their physical infrastructure is experiencing an overhaul. With an eye to cater to new technological requirements better, the standard function of data is being moved away from the core of operations to the edge of a network. Known as edge computing, this process intends to empower organizations to process data and provide services as near as possible to the user, enhancing application performance and reducing bandwidth requirements. In fact, a recent report showed that edge computing can improve latency and reduce data transfer to the cloud by up to 95%.
This development has led organizations to redefine their data centers and remodel their underlying architecture to sustain new demands. According to Gartner, about 10% of enterprise-generated data is generated and processed outside of a conventional data center or cloud. The research firm predicts this to grow to 50% by 2022. 
More than 50% of enterprises are using edge computing for data analysis.
Another research by IDC says that more than 50% of enterprises are using edge computing for data analysis. This helps them reduce the networking resources required to transport data back to centralized data centers.
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