10 reasons why you need to adopt cloud computing for your business

26 May 2020 | Ignatius Wong, Director, Product Management (Hybrid Cloud & IT Solutions), CenturyLink Asia Pacific
The last decade's most hyperbolic technology, cloud computing has emerged as a versatile and multi-purpose alternative to on-premise storage for enterprises. It has revolutionized how businesses store and access information on an external platform, enabling them to run a software without installing it.
Organizations have been splurging lavishly on public cloud services and infrastructure. 
Spending on public cloud services and infrastructure in the APAC region were valued at US$26.0 billion in 2019.

The public cloud services are further expected to increase by 200% and reach US$76.1 billion by 2023.

The study, based on a survey of IT decision makers across 20 industries, found that cloud computing is rapidly becoming the norm among enterprises because it helps them improve business agility as a whole. As specified by Ashutosh Bisht, Senior Research Manager for Customer Insights & Analysis at IDC Asia/Pacific:

“Improving the business agility and speed is the main focus area for the adoption of cloud technology in the region, access to new refined functionality and giving the business units more direct control over the sourcing of their own IT solutions are the other focus areas.”

Another survey by Right Scale highlighted the influence of cloud computing on businesses worldwide through the increasing adoption rates of large cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AliCloud. Apart from improving their operations and processes, cloud computing has also positively influenced the revenues of these IT giants.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed on Google's fourth-quarter earnings call that the Google Cloud Platform was a US$1 billion per quarter business with the company’s annual revenue for the year 2019 amounting to US$10 billion. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that its commercial cloud revenue value stood at US$21 billion, resulting from the increased adoption rates of Microsoft Azure from 26% to 43%. The latest entrant to the cloud computing scene, Alibaba Cloud , quickly gained ground and became the fastest growing cloud provider with a reported 93% increase in revenues in just two years.

Alibaba Cloud or Aliyun, the cloud computing and data intelligence arm of Alibaba Group that holds the highest market share in the APAC region, has further announced plans to invest US$28 billion into cloud infrastructure in the region. The flurry of activities by these industry bigwigs, along with recent technological trends, has contributed to this rise of cloud adoption among organizations worldwide.

What is cloud computing and how does it work? 
Why is cloud computing important for your business?
Is it time for you to move to the cloud?
What should you look for when selecting a cloud services provider?

How can CenturyLink help you migrate to the cloud? 

CenturyLink keeps abreast of the latest trends in cloud computing and works with your company to design customized cloud-computing solutions for your specific IT requirements. CenturyLink's diverse portfolio of flexible cloud solutions helps provide businesses with comprehensive cloud expertise and improve infrastructure efficiency with an enterprise-ready cloud. From network security to data and from on-demand services to scalable applications, CenturyLink equips you with affordable solutions to put all the business benefits of cloud at your disposal.
Interested to know how cloud computing can transform your business?
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