Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis


Powerful Intel for Immediate Action

When it comes to protecting your organisation from cyber attacks, it's never enough to simply collect logs and alerts on possible security breaches against your IT infrastructure. To fight malicious attacks and win, you need to continuously monitor all the elements of your infrastructure, correlate the security events for meaning, add historical context and trending information, and analyse the outcomes to smartly extract key event data to prioritise action.

This is the job of Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis from CenturyLink.

Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis collects and tracks incidents in real time, applies advanced analytics, categorizes them and sends them to an expert team for review. Teams then cull the data and prioritise events into the top incidents that require greater analysis or immediate action.

CenturyLink's advanced platform takes an industry best-practise approach to monitoring by leveraging automation in combination with rigorous human review. We weed out a greater number of false positive alerts than standard systems by combining log data from the risk profiles of each customer asset with real-time threat intelligence data from CenturyLink's global corporate network and partner threat intelligence feeds.

Gain immediate visibility into systems and a deeper understanding of your security posture.
We help you apply a more strategic approach to threats by identifying and focusing on the most critical issues.

Continuously monitor all elements of your infrastructure.
The solution easily integrates with existing infrastructure including existing SIEM and log management devices using automation, so we can monitor all of your devices, endpoints, systems and networks.

Get the flexibility to fit your specific needs.
Whether you want the service to fit into your existing security environment alongside alternative assessment tools or a stand-alone service, CenturyLink can accommodate you.

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Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis

Make more informed decisions, maintain compliance and save time and effort.

Our monitoring service:  

  • Provides a comprehensive view of all network activity from multiple devices across the organisation and correlates it into a single dashboard view for team members to see and review in detail.
  • Translates complex, near real-time and historical data into actionable insights, with a low operational impact on your organisation.
  • Helps security teams prioritise events to reduce the noise from false positives and better focus on those that matter most.
  • Helps you pinpoint threat sources and follow attack vectors so you can shore up weak points more quickly and evolve to a proactive threat management approach.    
  • Enables security teams to make more accurate assumptions about the past that provide context to prevent future successful attacks.
  • Helps you meet compliance standards with a comprehensive solution that can evolve with your business needs without changing platforms.
  • Enhances your security posture beyond compliance into a best practises solution for proactive and predictive threat management.
  • Gives security teams and senior leadership greater confidence that your organisation is doing all it can to protect assets and eliminate threats before impact.
  • Simplifies leadership communications and reporting with visual dashboard and reporting capabilities that bring greater insights about activities inside your network to any role that seeks it.
  • Saves your team hundreds of man-hours gathering critical data by hand. 

Improve Security Without Adding More Resources

CenturyLink security solutions are easy to customise to your business. Find out how we can help you plan your defenses-talk with one of our security experts today.


Turn Raw Data into Actionable Information

Protect your network better with intelligent recommendations you can act on.

CenturyLink Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis is a platform and service that provides sophisticated log ingestion, monitoring and event correlation. It uses a powerful data analysis engine that combines historical information from your network-such as data from your firewalls, IDS/IPS systems and other network devices-with near real-time threat data. It then analyses the outcomes to provide you with a comprehensive view inside your infrastructure of all the events in motion, pinpointing attack vectors.

Features and capabilities include:

  • Ongoing configuration of the monitoring technology
  • Proactive customer notification and escalation of items of interest
  • Comprehensive role-based web portal for instant visibility and analysis of events based on any historical time period
  • Unique risk-based alert process combining automation with rigorous human review to evaluate multiple transaction types: CEF, syslog, LEAF and a variety of other standard log types
  • Flexible implementation options for equipment management and monitoring
  • Multiple service availability options to fit any customer requirement, sold as a stand-alone or to augment alternative assessment tools
  • Correlation from multiple streams of data—pulling insights from both real-time events  and customer asset risk profiles to detect threats at the earliest stages and reduce false positives
  • 90 days of backup and storage, and visibility up to 12 months back on log data to investigate and provide deep context to threat trends
  • 24/7 support from CenturyLink’s GIAC Certified Intrusion Analysts with multiple years of experience and certifications such as CISSP, CCNA, CCSP, CCSE, CCSA and MCSE
  • Simple pricing model based on volume of security-related data transmitted per day
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