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Purpose-built IT Services for today's markets.
Trust a leader in the provision of market data and trading connectivity.

Fast, reliable and secure market data delivery and interconnectivity is the lifeblood of financial markets - between clients, trading partners and execution venues - many resident in over 60 data centres worldwide. The underlying network and infrastructure is at the core of CenturyLink's services.
Advantages include:

  • High performance, ultra-low latency, managed connectivity to over 200 exchange and liquidity venue feeds worldwide including:
    • BATS
    • CME Group
    • ICE / NYSE
    • London Stock Exchange
    • Singapore Exchange
  • Available bandwidths up to 100 Gig-E and a full range of scalable access options
  • Quality of Service (QoS) model offers six available service classes
  • Online access provides automated quoting, ordering and real-time utilisation data and performance of every connection
Direct Access to our Trading Community and Ultra-Low Latency Connectivity

The decision to co-locate extends beyond just space, power and cooling. It's about gaining the reliability, security and agility to meet customer needs in fast moving financial markets.

CenturyLink delivers highly reliable infrastructure for many of the largest financial institutions across the globe, including a number of the world's leading exchanges and liquidity venues. From traditional equities and derivatives exchanges to alternative trading venues such as dark pools and crossing networks, foreign exchange and fixed income ECNs; all trust CenturyLink to host their trading systems and matching infrastructure.

Co-Locate with any of the hosted venues in CenturyLink's data centres and benefit from ultra-low latency connectivity.

  • One-third of all Fortune 100 companies
  • Five of the nine largest US equity dark pools, representing almost 50% of average daily volume
  • Two major FX ECNs, with roughly 43% of global spot FX matched in CenturyLink data centres
  • A broad range of alternative trading venues and solutions providers.
Maximise the Potential of Grid Computing with CenturyLink

Long-term success and growth are largely dependent on financial firms making decisions faster than the competition; leveraging the latest technological resources to respond to market shifts, assess current positions and to act quickly.

Firms across the globe have turned to high-performance computing services from CenturyLink tapping into:

  • Experience. Grid compute solutions for many top-tier global financial services firms, with in excess of 150,000 cores under management in our facilities
  • Co-Location and Network Services. Across 60+ data centres and containing the leading execution venues and matching infrastructure, trading and wealth management platforms
  • Leading Edge Technology. One of the fastest, most scalable and lowest cost HPC platforms for financial applications, partnering with technology vendors including Intel, HP and NetApp
  • Hyperscale Cloud Instances. Providing a roadmap to build HPC applications in a true, scalable public cloud for ephemeral workloads
Tap into Fully-managed Security, Productivity, and Resilience Services

DDoS attacks and virtual theft are on the rise posing threats that could devastate any financial firm. Today's IT professional needs to look beyond the known threats and implement a comprehensive security program to continually monitor an ever-changing landscape.

CenturyLink delivers cost-effective, flexible and reliable security solutions to over 1,500 enterprise clients with over 5,000 security installations under management. We deliver security onsite, at our global data centres, or within our virtual hosting platform.

  • Managed Security Services
  • DDoS Mitigation Service
  • Secure IP Gateway
  • Email Defense
  • Web Defense
Unlock the Power of Big Data

Financial firms are collecting unprecedented quantities of structured and unstructured data. Analysis of this data may yield enormously valuable insights, yet firms still have not capitalized on its scale to keep pace with the competition.

CenturyLink® Big Data services helps financial firms drive business growth, increase profitability and manage risk tapping into:

  • Enterprise-grade global infrastructure and network connectivity
  • Proven big data software in a fully hosted and managed environment
  • More than 26 petabytes of data stored and managed
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