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Make the most of your IT banking and network investment.

The pace of change in banking regulations, the escalation of cyber threats and the shift to electronic banking requires banks and credit unions to re-evaluate their IT operating model. Organizations that are stuck with fixed IT resources have less flexibility than their competitors. At the same time, the cost of dedicated systems and staff, especially for non-strategic operations, is untenable.

CenturyLink's broad portfolio of network and infrastructure services offers banks and credit unions reliable, scalable and cost effective alternatives to keep pace with the demands of the retail customer.

From managed services, co-location, and network services available in both physical and virtual environments, CenturyLink provides a solid foundation for greater agility, enhanced security, operational excellence and compliance.

  • Increase operational efficiencies across your enterprise
  • Create new IT-enabled revenue opportunities
  • Manage evolving compliance, risk management, governance and customer demands
  • Maintain consistent uptime and performance for your infrastructure, network and applications
  • Enable self-service, mobile and online applications
Benefit from rigorous operational controls

IT compliance is an ongoing burden for banks and requires comprehensive risk mitigation procedures and controls, along with detailed documentation and audit ready operations. It requires additional cost, resources and trained staff to keep pace with ongoing regulations.

CenturyLink understands how to minimise operational risks and assist financial firms in incorporating rigorous standards into IT compliance programs.

  • More than 10,000 security controls and compliance policies formatted for FFIEC reporting.
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1 & 2 Type 1 & 2 reports to help enable audit functions
  • CenturyLink data centres are ISO 27001 certified
  • 60+ Global Data Centres
  • Support all levels of disaster recovery requirements
Tap into fully-managed security, productivity, and resilience services

DDoS attacks and virtual theft are on the rise posing threats that could devastate any depository institution. Today's IT banking professional needs to look beyond the known threats and implement a complete security program to continually monitor the ever-changing landscape.

CenturyLink delivers cost-effective, flexible and reliable security solutions to over 1,500 enterprise clients with over 5,000 security installations under management. We deliver security onsite, at our global data centres, and within our virtual hosting platform.

  • PCI Compliance Solutions
  • Managed Security Services
  • DDoS Mitigation Service
  • Secure IP Gateway
  • Email Defense
  • Web Defense
Unlock the power of Big Data

Banks are collecting unprecedented quantities of structured and unstructured data. Analysis of this data may yield enormously valuable insights yet firms still have not capitalized on its scale to keep pace with the competition.

CenturyLink's Big Data services helps banks drive business growth, increase profitability and manage risk.

  • Enterprise-grade global infrastructure and network connectivity
  • Proven big data software in a fully hosted and managed environment
  • More than 26 petabytes of data stored and managed
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