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CenturyLink® offers network and interconnection options to help you get and stay connected to an Ecosystem of business partners, network operators and 40,000+ lit buildings including 260+ data centres that are just a cross connect away. CenturyLink provides low-latency, secure, reliable and high availability along with carrier diversity options between geographic locations or within the data centre.

Cloud and XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) Providers

We work with a variety of global service providers to interconnect their services, applications and infrastructure with their customers and business partners. With CenturyLink, your business has access to service providers in our data centres and beyond with direct, low-latency connections needed to build an effective Hybrid IT platform. Service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Highwinds.

Ecosystem Communities

CenturyLink offers high-performance interconnected ecosystems between data centres, clients, partners and execution venues for your industry specific applications such as Financial Markets and Healthcare data exchange. Our high-performance, low-latency managed connections are available in bandwidths up to 100Gbs with a full range of access options and service level agreements.

Diverse Carrier Access

CenturyLink provides access to 91 different carriers and network providers across the company's 59 data centres throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • CenturyLink data centres offer an average of 7 network providers, some as many as 20.
  • Ability to connect additional network providers, working with clients and their existing providers.
  • Telco installation and troubleshooting coordination and support available via Gold Support.

CenturyLink Network Services

Our Network Services deliver secure, reliable connectivity with low latency and high availability-whether you are connecting between geographically diverse locations or points within the data centre.

Choose from a range of connectivity options, including:

  • Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) virtual private network (VPN). Get service level agreements with 100% core-network availability for secure converged data, voice and, video traffic-all on a single network connection.
  • Private line services. Support your global networking, security, and business continuity requirements with Ethernet Virtual Private Line, Ethernet Private Line, Optical Wavelength Service, and International Private Line.
  • Internet bandwidth. Connect your users and bandwidth-intensive business applications, with superior peering and interconnectivity—plus reliability with a network \ recovery time of less than 50 milliseconds.

Data Centre Connections

CenturyLink global fibre network provides low latency connectivity from any CenturyLink Data Centre to over 260 carrier-neutral data centre facilities. This provides CenturyLink data centre customers the ability to connect services & other key IT venues to support a Hybrid IT environment. The network connectivity enables access to geographic redundancy, ecosystem partners, cloud nodes such as CLC, AWS, Azure, Google, Softlayer and more. Use the power of CenturyLink to connect your business to everywhere you need to be.


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CenturyLink brings together the strength of its network and managed services with Savvis® co-location and data centre expertise. Our customers have been benefiting from the combined strength of these companies since 2011.