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Commitment to Compliance

CenturyLink is dedicated to continuously improving and maintaining compliance and standards that are critical to customers.

Space to Grow

The economic and political capital of Arizona, Phoenix is home to world-class manufacturing, technology and financial services institutions. 

One of the largest cities in the United States, and the site of one of the 60+ CenturyLink data centres, Phoenix is a hub for companies and sectors that drive economic growth.

CenturyLink is pleased to expand to the data centre market in Phoenix, complementing our growing corporate and consumer business. We are entering Phoenix through our partnership with IO Data Centres, coupling IO innovation with the CenturyLink operational excellence data centre blueprint supported by CenturyLink's 100% power uptime SLA on one of the most innovative data centre platforms available. Offering our full suite of Hybrid IT solutions: co-location, managed hosting, public cloud, private cloud, security, storage and data network. CenturyLink offers both module and raised floor co-location options in Phoenix.


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Phoenix Data Centre Locations


PH1: Phoenix, AZ

Space: 45,000 sf   Power: 11 MW

Tech Specs

PH1: Phoenix     Space: 45,000 sf     Power: 11 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Three-story office 500,00 sf and one-story data centre 303,111 sf

Electrical Summary

  • Arizona Public Service provides power feeds
  • Power Conditioning Modular UPS deployed in 1.5 MWA increments
  • Power Backup Generators Up to twenty-four (24) 2.5 MWA Caterpillar generators

Mechanical Summary

  • Redundant 4,000 ton chilled water plant
  • Welded bi-directional design piping
  • Humidification = Steam canister in module
  • Backup Water System = Minimum 72 hrs. of backup water storage onsite
  • Water Feed = Redundant and diverse water feeds from utility
  • Leak Detection = Rope style outside module, spot leak detection inside module

PH2: Phoenix, AZ

Space: 98,455 sf   Power: 19.2 MW

Tech Specs

PH2: Phoenix    Space: 98,455 sf of raised floor    Power: 19.2 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Total Building Space - 123,859 sf

Electrical Summary

  • Dual diverse utility power feeds
  • Power Backup Diesel Generators (2) 1.75 MW (7) 2 MW

Mechanical Summary

  • Water cooled chillers
  • Today: 2,400 Tons
  • Future: 3,000 Tons
  • Leak Detection = Rope style

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