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CenturyLink® Co-Location Hosting Services

Keep your IT infrastructure close with CenturyLink co-location services in over 60 data centres across four continents.

CenturyLink brings nearly 20 years of experience delivering secure and reliable data centre co-location services to organisations across a variety of industries to increase business efficiency, cut costs, increase growth opportunities and improve service levels. Recognised as a trusted co-location provider by many of the world's largest companies, our global footprint includes over 60 data centres built to a minimum of N+1 redundant infrastructure.

Calculate Unnecessary Risks Around Your New Data Centre

Determine whether to build or buy your next data centre, and discover what it takes to make a more informed decision.

Certified Operational Excellence

Trusted by the world's leading enterprises and government agencies.

Making The Case for Co-Location

Trusted by the world's leading enterprises and government agencies.

Data Centre Investments are Shifting

As infrastructure and application options expand and evolve IT leaders must carefully consider their external partnerships.

The tides are rising for co-location and managed hosting services. Within 12 months, both of these services overtake the in-house and on premise models and will remain dominant for quite some time. After 5 years, outsourced cloud will become the leading hosting model for IT organisations.

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CenturyLink brings together the strength of its network and managed services with Savvis® co-location and data centre expertise. Our customers have been benefiting from the combined strength of these companies since 2011.