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Rapidly build, deploy and customise your private cloud with our best in class cloud offering.

Some applications in your IT portfolio may not be a good fit to move to the public cloud. Whether driven by for security and compliance reasons or because it financially provides a better ROI, private cloud may be the best infrastructure for specific workloads and solutions. CenturyLink Hybrid IT allows you to integrate your private cloud solution with your public cloudmanaged hostingsecuritystorage, and network for greater flexibility and control.

Five Steps to Drive Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud

Hear from Forrester Research on the current state of hybrid cloud and the move to transform enterprise IT using multi-cloud.


Dedicated Cloud Compute Foundation

VMWare Cloud Foundation™ and high performance HPE® server technology.

A Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) can make your vision for IT meet the vision for your business. CenturyLink's answer to the SDDC is Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC) Foundation. This visionary solution brings together computer, storage and network virtualisation into a natively integrated stack that transforms the data centre to meet the demands of the digital age. Our global solution allows you to operate and store data where you need it to be, and is available in 32 data centres world wide so that your users can access the data with the speed they expect, driven by CenturyLink's world class network.

Why CenturyLink?

  • Our Managed Services experts are standing by to lead your data centre transformation, bringing decades of experience to deliver reliable, always up workloads
  • Our solution can be customised to deliver your workloads to suit the demands of your enterprise. At CenturyLink, one size does not fit all
  • CenturyLink DCC Foundation has a global footprint, installed in 32 locations and running on our world class CenturyLink Network.

CenturyLink also offers these other Private Cloud solutions: Dedicated Cloud Compute CorevCloud Air Solutions paired with our managed services and VCE VblockTM..

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The journey to Private Cloud starts with an essential decision – should you build your cloud, or buy from a Cloud Service Provider?

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Dedicated Cloud Compute Foundation Features & Benefits

Shift to a Service Oriented IT Model

Based on VMware Cloud Foundation,™ DCC Foundation brings together VMware’s vSphere®, vSAN™ and NSX® into a natively integrated stack, delivering enterprise grade, globally available hyper-converged-infrastructure based on HPE® with Centurylink automation and management capabilities for a consistent operational experience across cloud environments.

Unlike legacy data centre designs where services are bound and dependent to physical infrastructure, in the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC), services are abstracted and decoupled from underlying hardware. This allows for a new level of operational efficiency and agility because resources can span across data centres, and because we take care of the operational management of Cloud Foundation you can focus on delivering IT innovation to the business and not operational tasks.

Achieve Radically Simpler Operations


Build around applications and not infrastructure with the ultimate control of a  fully hyper-converged-infrastructure based on HPE® using VMware® Cloud Foundation

Meet demands of the most demanding applications with high performance SSD storage 

Take advantage of unprecedented levels of security and networking capabilities with micro-segmentation.

Focus on innovation. We manage the underlying SDDC operations VMware®vCenter, vCloud® Director, NSX® Manager, SDDC Manager, vCloud® Availability

Complete control and visibility through VMware’s vSphere® native tools and Cloud Application Manager

Strategic guidance available to help overcome current and future challenges and integration with other CenturyLink hosted products

Various levels of support to match your business needs across this cloud or any cloud via Cloud Application Manager

Scale and provision faster with full control via VMware’s vSphere® and Cloud Application Manager

From 4 nodes to multiple 32 nodes available around the world

Better with Cloud Application Manager allowing application life-cycle management, security and workload optimisation across any cloud*

Connected to one of the worlds largest integrated solutions networks that spans the world


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CenturyLink has sold its data centres and associated co-location business to a consortium led by BC Partners and Medina Capital Advisors. This move led to the creation of a bold, new company, Cyxtera Technologies, comprised of world-class talent and technology. CenturyLink will continue to work closely with Cyxtera and the same strong team that has operated the data centres successfully for years and who will continue to deliver world-class customer service and Operational Excellence for all co-location customers.